FBS Manual Edge of Dock Leveller

FBS Manual Edge of Dock Leveller

Key Benefits

 Meets EN1398 standard
Optional colours available
 Single operation
No pit required
 Improves safety
Competitive pricing

FBS Manual Edge of Dock Levellers bridge any minimal difference in height and distance between the warehouse floor and vehicle, ensuring loading and unloading is safe. A dock leveller enables the load to be moved in or out of the lorry in a single movement vastly reducing handling times, the risk of damage or accidental injury as they incorporate a range of health and safety features.

Practical, easy to install, safe and saving a considerable amount of space. Since its launch, the FBS Manual Edge of Dock Leveller has been a huge success. It is a fast, easy option for installing in any loading bay thanks to its size and the fact that it requires no installation pit.

Despite its small size, it can support up to 6.000 kg dynamic load in loading and unloading operations. The FBS Manual Edge of Dock Leveller is supplied with a special coating for corrosive atmospheres. The FBS Manual Edge of Dock Leveller is comprised of the following elements:

*Platform with an upper sheet of tear plate with a thickness of 6/8 mm and solid profiles.
*A lip made of tear plate with a thickness of 13/15 mm.
*A fixed part that acts as a handrail and is welded to the bay sub-frame in order to increase safety when loading and unloading goods.

Ease of Use

An inner mechanism enables a single person to open the unit with very little effort.
A lever is inserted into the moving platform and pulled back until it is completely vertical.
It is then pushed forward until the lip rests on the trailer.
After loading, the lever is re-inserted and pulled backwards (without raising it entirely) and relocated back onto the stops.

Optional Extras

Bumpers – available for installation at each end
Painted / Galvanised / Stainless

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