FBS Telescopic Lip Levellers

FBS Telescopic Lip Levellers

Key Benefits

 Meets EN1398 standard
Increased operational range
 Made to measure available
Optional colours available
 Segmented lips available
Suspended or pit type available

FBS Telescopic dock-leveller – has a telescopic lip which is used to bridge larger gaps between the warehouse and vehicle. The dock-leveller platform and lip are hydraulically driven and allows you full operational control and high quality safety features.

The Fen-Bay telescopic lip levellers is an option due to its functionality and efficiency. This model has a retractable lip of between 500mm and 1000mm depending on the model chosen. They are the perfect solution for reaching places that a FBS Swing Lip Leveller cannot access.

The range comprises of:

The platform
, is constructed from durbar plate sheet 8-10mm thick and a set of laminated profiles and protective side panels

The Lip, 
is constructed from durbar plate sheet 13-15mm thick, the lip is folded and milled to a taper at the end to allow it to sit onto the truck bed making it easier for the passage of forklifts and pallet trucks

The Support Frame, is formed from pressed profiles to which the platform and hydraulic assembly are mounted.

FBS Telescopic Lip Leveller

  1. They have a hydraulic system that is specially designed to be coupled perfectly onto the vehicle deck. Simple and effective. The retractable lip can be extracted under controlled conditions using the electric control panel and fitted onto the vehicles platform in optimum conditions.
  2. Thanks to the length of the adjustable retractable lip it is the perfect solution for ensuring optimal insulation of the facility, as it can be sealed by installing an industrial door in front of the leveller.
  3. The hydraulic equipment comprises: a 1.5 CV electric motor, hydraulic pump with a flow rate of 5 l/m and a 7-litre tank with an oil level viewer, safety electro valve, elevation cylinder with a Ø50 mm rod, lip cylinder with a Ø25 mm rod and hydraulic hoses.
  4. The grooved comb system at the front of the machine transmits the stress on the lip to the structure at multiple supporting points, thus reducing structural pressure and increasing the useful life of the machine.
  5. All the components and the moving parts, lip and internal structure are painted separately with an anti-corrosive primer followed by a coat of high-quality paint, thus ensuring a double 1+1 layer which guarantees 200% protective coating.
  6. The lip position can be adjusted and optimised as it has a set of polyamide regulation skids. Those skids are responsible for guiding and sliding of the lìp.
  7. The lip has a set of profiles and a grooved tear plate with a thickness of 13/15 mm, forming a robust, compact assembly. The tear plate 100 mm from the end is folded 5º for perfect adjustment of the truck and milled at its outer end, to ease the passage of fork lifts.
  8. All the shafts are protected from corrosion by a passivized, zinc electrolytic coating.
  9. The design also allows for the option of the levellers to be galvanized


Painted / Galvanised / Stainless
Standard sizes or made to measure
Manufactured to suit all types of pit design
Insulated deck available

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