FBS Cantilever Gates

FBS Cantilever Sliding Gates

Key Benefits

 Meets latest safety requirements
Bespoke design
 Increased security
Different control options
 Made to measure
Competitive price

FBS Cantilever Sliding Gates are unique systems that do not require a ground track – this can be advantageous where the driveway entrance slopes or consistent heavy traffic is present at site. FBS Cantilever sliding gates are constructed from an aluminium or high quality steel beam, and may have a pressed steel channel at the bottom of the gate. The channel or beam is set on bearing rollers which are engineered to a high standard, and which, in turn are bolted down to a large concrete pad.

The main design difference from a tracked system is that the cantilever system has a special section bottom rail, which incorporates two sets of enclosed roller wheels set apart at a pre-determined distance  to a large concrete foundation base.

Technical Spec

The gate is created by being fabricated onto the beam, or cantilever gate channel. It is then mounted on the bearing rollers, which allows the gate to glide smoothly some 50 to 80 mm above the height of its concrete base. The base needs to be set at a height that is low enough to maximise security, but high enough so that the gate glides freely over any obstacle in the opening. For example, manhole covers, railway lines, or objects that would normally prevent the laying of a track for a tracked sliding gate. It may even be that the incline in the road dictates the type of gate required. Sliding gates are more conducive to being of a cantilever type, as opposed to a tracked type.

The support frame, or portals of a sliding gate, increases the distance of the roller bearings which support the cantilever, so much that up to half the opening width again is needed to support the gate and provide the counter balance for the gate. This is so that it will be capable of rolling smoothly when opening or closing. For example, for a gate with a 6 metre opening, the support area would be 3 metres, giving a total run back area behind the gate of 9 metres.

Activation Options

• Keyfob
• Remote
• Intercom
• Keypad
• Push Button
• Card Access Control

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