FBS Service PPM Contracts

Key Benefits

 Competitive price
24/7 repair service

All makes of equipment
Legally compliant

 Fully trained engineers
 Long term cost savings

FBS are committed to offering 24/7 – 365 day a year maintenance across the UK and Ireland – we offer this level of support to ensure we can keep your business moving no matter what.

For a more long term approach correct routine maintenance ensures that equipment remains safe to use, it extends the life of products and enables problems to be identified before they happen – reducing the need for more costly repairs or impact to your business.

Regardless of whether we have carried out the initial installation of your loading bay equipment and industrial doors, we are happy to recommend and provide a maintenance schedule to meet your needs, on either 6 monthly or 1 year service schedules. We also offer and carry out single ‘one off’ services for some applications.

Over time parts become worn and require adjusting and replacing. During the service all findings will be recorded and recommendations reported along with a no obligation quote.

Our service contracts satisfy health and safety requirements and our engineers are qualified to operate, inspect and service a vast range of access and loading bay equipment.

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