FBS Swing Lip Levellers

FBS Swing Lip Dock Levellers

Key Benefits

 Meets EN1398 standard
Made to measure
 Optional colours available
Insulated deck available
 Segmented lip available
Suspended or pit type available

FBS Swing Lip Leveller is appropriate for most warehousing sites where standard size vehicles operate. Simple, quick and functional. Without doubt, the FBS Swing model is the perfect solution for any loading bay. Its hydraulic tilting mechanism and folding lip enables the dock leveller to bridge the gap between the loading bay and the lorry, allowing it to rest firmly on the trailer deck.

FBS Swing Lip Dock Leveller

The FBS Swing Lip Leveller is comprised of three main components:

The platform, is constructed from durbar plate sheet 6-8mm thick and a set of laminated profiles and protective side panels

The Lip, is constructed from durbar plate sheet 13-15mm thick, the lip is folded and milled to a taper at the end to allow it to sit onto the truck bed making it easier for the passage of forklifts and pallet trucks

The Support Frame, is formed from pressed profiles to which the platform and hydraulic assembly are mounted.

  1. The platforms are constructed with Self-Cleaning flat hinges made with ST-52 laser cut steel hinges for perfect alignment
  2. The Hydraulic Equipment comprises of a 1.0Cv electric motor, a hydraulic pump with flow rate of 5L/min and a 7 Litre tank with oil level viewer, safety electro valve, main cylinder 50mm diameter shaft, lip cylinder 30mm diameter shaft
  3. All shafts are corrosion protected with a passivized zinc coating
  4. Centring System between lip and bay with Nylon dividers to ensure that the lip is always in the correct working position
  5. The Control Panel designed by FBS is pre-programmed for different operations
  6. A key feature of the FBS Swing Lip Leveller is that when the platform is lying flat on the truck base, it will adapt to raising and lowering of the truck caused by loading and unloading, thanks to its lateral inclination
  7. The Anti Burst valve in the hydraulic cylinder is fitted in order to prevent accidents occurring such as the vehicle unexpectedly moving away ,the valve would prevent the platform from Falling
  8. All components are individually painted with an anti-corrosive primer and high quality paint


Painted / Galvanised / Stainless
Standard sizes or made to measure
Manufactured to suit all types of pit design

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