FBS Fidelity Energy Saving Door System

FBS Energy Saving Hydraulic Doors

Key Benefits

 Energy saving
Less down time
 Improved maintenance
Health and safety advantages
 100,000 cycle guarantee
Stylish design

The slightly higher cost of a FBS Fidelity ® hydraulic powered door can be recovered in the first two or three years of use, with no maintenance costs. In each following year, savings can be made as no maintenance is needed – another benefit on top of the effectiveness, ease-of-use and stylish design.

Due to naturally high operating costs associated with logistics and transport, end users are increasingly committed to lowering functional costs, with this in mind over 75% of all FBS projects include the Fidelity ® sectional overhead door.

FBS Fidelity ® systems have been designed to guarantee decades of maintenance-free operation. The most functional and long-lasting systems are those which are planned and executed with precision and care.

The FBS Fidelity ® system comprises a multiplier hydraulic cylinder operated by an electro hydraulic motor to effortlessly, simply, efficiently and silently lift the door. With the Fidelity ® system there are no more unsightly springs or grease marks from lubricants.

It is also safer because doors are lowered by gravity. If obstacles are in the door path, and the operator is distracted, the cables will not fleet and cross over – as in the case of electromechanical powering when the motor keeps operating, unwinding the cables from the drums and causing cables to break the next time the door is opened, if they have crossed over.

Fidelity ® hydraulic powering is not affected by the weight of each panel and can meet a wide range of design requirements.

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