FBS Double Deck Dock Houses

FBS Double Deck Dock Houses/Pods

Key Benefits

 Saving on freight cost
Operational advantages
 Easily relocatable
Quickly installed
 In-house design service
Bespoke design

FBS Double Deck Dock House/Pods is a complete stand-alone insulated or non-insulated loading bay structure which can be installed directly on to the external face of the building.

Double Deck Dock Houses have become the vogue for a quick and easy solution of allowing the newly introduced double deck type vehicles to dock safely within the factory environment. The double deck type dock house is fitted with either a dock leveller or scissor lift.

On new buildings, extensions and refurbishments, the building can be completed with no interference to the loading bay area. These many factors are accounting for their ever increasing popularity- particularly in today’s highly competitive ‘belt-tightening’ business environment.

As companies aim to become even more efficient in all their business operations, including the very important loading and unloading operation, the number of double deck vehicles being operated has increased rapidly and so therefore the need to accommodate the vehicles within the warehouse/distribution centre environment has become an issue.

FBS Double Deck Dock Houses do not take up valuable internal warehouse/factory space and maintain the loading and unloading function within a separate and distinctly confined area. There is no cross traffic to interfere with the loading dock, which can reduce accidents thereby having a direct benefit to the site health and safety. Double Deck Dock Houses are quick and easy to erect, and are a highly cost-effective retrofit option for an existing building. Their lightweight but exceptionally strong structure provides an insulated, hygienic, waterproof area – with resulting energy saving potential – making them ideal for all applications.

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