FBS Double Deck Scissor Lifts

FBS Double Deck Scissor Lift

Key Benefits

 Increases loading efficiency
Improve safety
Strong Structures
Durable Materials
 Energy efficient
 Competitive pricing

FBS Double Deck Lifts are designed to seamlessly integrate fixed double deck trailers. Combining engineering strength with precision ergonomics, our lifts provide the fastest, safest and most reliable means to load double deck trailers.

FBS Double Deck Scissor Lifts are a robust and durable solution for the loading and unloading of large vehicles. They facilitate the rapid movement of goods from single or double deck lorries – and multiple units can only increase this throughput.

Our platforms are all manufactured in accordance with EN1570 – with a significant edge-load capacity and stability and scissor arm mechanisms which are all enclosed within a self-contained framework.

Options Available

Capacity Barriers  |  Gates Railings  |  Roller Shutter |  Door Slot  |  Electric Trip Counter  |  Lockable Enclosure for Controls | Retracting Cage Roll Off Stops | Bridge Plate  |  Goal Post Safety Barriers | Noise Reduction Elements |  Spotlight/Working light  |  Door Interfaces | Rubber Bumper  Posts | Remote Power Unit  |  Key Operated Controls | Additional Control Sets |  Galvanised Finish  |  Traffic Lights

FBS Double Deck Scissor Lift

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