FBS Loading Bay Wheel Guides

FBS Loading Bay Wheel Guides

Key Benefits

 Reduces damage
Health + safety improvements
 Different designs available
Galvanised + powder coated
 High visibility yellow
Increase lifespan of loading bay

FBS Wheel Guides are installed at the front of your loading bay to increased safety and efficiency during the cycle of loading and unloading, they also improve the lifespan of dock shelters considerably.

Wheel guides ensure that the vehicle approaches the loading bay centrally and straight. Thus they allow the dock leveller lip to position centrally on the vehicle floor, and the dock shelter to seal properly against the back of the vehicle.

Wheel guides are installed to aid the driver to correctly position the trailer on the loading bay, manufactured using large steel tube and come in two sizes in diameter 168mm & 140mm.

Our wheel guides are supplied in either high visibility yellow polyester powder coat or hot dipped galvanised finish.

FBS wheel guides are a must when installing FBS Inflatable Dock Seals or FBS Rigid Type Dock Shelters due to the risk of impact damage to the seal structure.

FBS were the first to develop the low profile type wheel guide which should be used when double deck vehicles use the loading bays, this minimises any damage to the vehicles body skirts.

Our wheel guides come in various different lengths or types and can be manufactured to suit your site requirements.

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