Loading Bay Control Panels

FBS Loading Bay Control Panel

Key Benefits

 Health + safety
Prevent drive away
 Bespoke design available
Interlocks equipment
 Easy to operate
Cost effective

FBS control panels are designed, built and tested in-house. We manufacture standard control panels with the ability to design and build bespoke control systems to suit individual customer’s site requirements.

FBS also carry a stock of standard control panels for swing lip and telescopic dock levellers that will fit most makes of dock leveller and can also operate all types of associated industrial doors.

Most of our customers decide to upgrade to use the FBS Composite Interlocking Control Panel which are designed and manufactured around the health and safety considerations associated with the loading bay area.

Interlocks + operates the following equipment 

Dock Levellers
Industrial Doors
Scissor Lifts
Inflatable Dock Seals
Traffic Lights
High Speed Doors

The FBS composite interlocking control panel enables various loading bay pieces of equipment to be operated in the correct sequence via one control panel, from operating the dock leveller, the door, traffic lights, inflatable dock shelter etc.

The FBS composite interlocking control panel has the safety interlock system pre-wired.

Designed to operate key components of loading bay equipment each control panel is unique and built to the requirements of the customer.

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