FBS Single Scissor Lifts

FBS Single Scissor Lift

Key Benefits

 Meets EN1590-1
Made to measure
 Galvanised / Stainless available
Small or large loud capacity
 Bespoke design
Competitive price

FBS Single Scissor Lifts are useful for a range of purposes, such as lifting heavy objects onto and off of loading bays. They can also serve as height-adjustable tables onto which heavy machinery is placed for maintenance work to be carried out. FBS Single Scissor Lift are most commonly used for tasks involving machine feeding, palletising and packing. The platforms are available in several specifications with varying features, such as lifting capacity, platform size and object elevation time.

FBS scissor lifts are a free standing feature a robust and reliable design and have a self contained power unit. All scissor lifts vary in compatible heights.

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Options Available

Capacity Barriers  |  Gates Railings  |  Roller Shutter |  Door Slot  |  Electric Trip Counter  |  Lockable Enclosure for Controls |  Retracting Cage Roll Off Stops  |   Bridge Plate  |  Goal Post Safety Barriers |  Noise Reduction Elements  |  Spotlight/Working light  |  Door Interfaces |  Rubber Bumper  Posts  |  Remote Power Unit  |  Key Operated Controls | Additional Control Sets  | Galvanised Finish  |  Traffic Lights |  PVC Roller Blind  |  Screening Chain  |  Mail Skirt

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