FBS Standard Rigid & Retractable Dock Shelters

FBS Standard Rigid & Retractable Dock Shelters

Key Benefits

 Energy saving
Enhanced vehicle seal
 Weather protection
Temperature management
 Bespoke design available
Low maintenance

FBS Dock Shelters provide good all round protection for your workforce and goods, protecting from adverse weather conditions, dust and insects. The Dock Shelters can also reduce your energy costs by minimising heat loss.

From standard to bespoke sizes our dock shelter range can cater for all your vehicle sizing requirements.

FBS Rigid Dock Shelter

This dock shelter caters for all vehicle sizes and is more durable due to it’s stronger designs, wheel guides should always be installed with a rigid dock shelter.

FBS Retractable Dock Shelter

The shelter retracts upon impact, causing no damage and then can be manual positioned back into original place, allowing for a longer life for the shelter.

Dock Shelter Size

We can offer shelters to suit low height vehicles, such as vans and 3.5 tonne vehicles through to double deck trailers.


Custom Head Curtain Size (to height of vehicle)
Extend Length ( to ground / floor)
Extended Projection
Corner Cushions
Logo or Number Identification
Full Guide Stripes

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