FBS Insulated Roller Shutters

FBS Insulated Roller Shutters

Key Benefits

 Absorbs noise
Improve safety
 Low maintenance
Curtain design
 Energy effcient
Competitive pricing

FBS insulated roller shutter doors are traditionally used in industrial applications where lower insulation properties are required, but where headroom restrictions apply.

FBS high specification Insulated Roller Shutter Doors are designed to give clear access through external openings and low maintenance, trouble free service.

Each door is manufactured to exact opening sizes and is available in chain hoist and electrical operation. A choice of widths and heights is available, as every door is made to customer’s individual requirements. They can also be fixed behind the opening or, if necessary, inbetween.

The curtain design of the insulated Roller Shutter incorporates an insulating thermal foam infill to 4″ deep double skin laths, which conserves heat and also effectively absorbs noise.

FBS Insulated Roller Shutters

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