FBS Fire Resistant Shutters

FBS Fire Resistant Shutters

Key Benefits

 Health + safety
Made to measure
 Signal controlled
LP51056 compliant
 BS476 Pat 2 compliant
Easily maintained

FBS Fire Resistant Roller Shutters are designed for external or internal applications where increased fire protection is required. It supplies incredible radiant heat fortification with a sole dependable operation through a simple control panel that can be custom-made for a range of activation methods.

FBS Fire Resistant Roller Shutters can be custom made to fit any openings. They are available in galvanised steel and are able to be powder coated, to suit every customers needs regardless of its complexity.

Due to its unique and ground breaking construction, the radiant heat levels around the FBS roller shutter door drop, from 65kw sq metre to an astonishing 2.7 kw sq metre, means that combustible materials can be stored half a metre away from a 1200 oC inferno, increasing floor space and reducing risk and break down of fire compartmentation. Fire fighters can safely tackle the blaze right next to the door, and anyone unfortunate enough to be blocked without an immediate exit can safely walk past the roller shutter, without the radiant heat being as dangerous to them as the fire itself.

Technical Specification

FBS A200 Series
2 or 4 hour LPCB-Certified electrically operated, galvanised steel Roller Rhutter Doors
– with 240volt declutching geared motor, three push-button controller and manual override.
Designed in accordance with the requirements of LPS 1056
Auto Solenoid Release (240 volt 0.5 amp)
Signal Controlled Descent Hood
BS476 Part 2 Compliant

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