FBS Maviroll: High Speed Rolling Doors

FBS Maviroll: High Speed Rolling Doors

Key Benefits

 Health + safety
Energy saving
 Easy cleaning
Controls environment
 Easily maintained
Competitive price

FBS Maviroll high-speed rolling door is the ideal choice for supermarkets, industrial areas, chilled rooms – and is a favorite with food industry. It is renowned for its high-speed opening and closing and breakthrough self-repairing curtain door technology.

This superior internal door is quick and easy to install and it’s rapid rise curtains enables the door to automatically reset itself in the event of accidental damage – simply by being fully opened. The anti-crash system also means that if the curtain is caught by a fork lift, or by any other means, it will reset itself before closing, saving money on expensive repair bills.

Technical Specifications

EN 13241-1 Safety Standard EC
Opening: 1 m/s | Closing: 0.5 m/s
Self-Supporting mill galvanised Steel Frame – with polyester powder coated finish
Patented Flexible Track Structure
Unique flexible track for Break-A-Way curtain – with automatic re-insertion system
Soft Bottom Edge Technology – prevents conflict with rigid bottom edge electronics
Hood / Top and Motor Cover
Jamb Inserted Control Panel
832 g/m2 Curtain – reinforced by a Composite Tube
Maximum Clear Opening – H4000 x W4000 mm

Optional Extras

Double Skin Curtain with Insulated Foam – for chilled rooms
Battery Back-Up – for automatic opening ( power supply 230v single phase )
Custom Printing / Branding

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