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Mavicold High Speed Doors

Mavicold 870 x 290

More About Mavicold

The MAVICOLD is a purpose built high speed door designed to be strong and energy efficient for cold stores -1°C to -30°C or Chiller Room. The MAVICOLD door features unique insulated curtain technology and consists of an internal heating system which prevents frost and ice build-up.

Renowned for its high speed opening and closing along with its self-repairing feature the MAVICOLD door is break through in curtain door technology, this superior door is quick and easy to install.
The MAVICOLD rapid rise curtains self-repairing feature enables the door to automatically reset itself, in the event of accidental damage by simply being fully opened. Furthermore, the anti crash system means that if the curtain is caught by a fork lift, or anyone transporting goods the curtain will open, then reset itself before closing, saving money on expensive repair bills.

Technical Specifications

” Supple folding system for cold room
” EN 13241-1 Safety Standard – EC
” Self supporting mill galvanised steel frame with polyester powder coated finish- no welding
o Option Frame: stainless steel 304L – Stainless steel 316L

” Heating system with airtight, watertight, dustproof silicone cables in a tube spreading heat
” Peripheral isolating foam between structure and wall
” Double fabric including thermo-reflective aluminium films in between which are caught air bubbles and isolating cushion
” Curtain with composite strengthening tubes and seamless safety straps
” Special low temperature oil- stainless steel brake
” Opening: 1 m/s – closing: 0.5 m/s
” Maximum clear opening dimensions: 4000 mm wide x 4500 mm high.


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