FBS Mavicold: High Speed Cold Room Doors

FBS Mavicold: High Speed Cold Room Doors

Key Benefits

 Health + Safety Advantages
 Operates in temp -30°C
 Energy saving
 Low maintenance
 Competitive pricing
 Easy install

FBS Mavicold high-speed cold room door is purpose built for Cold Stores ( from -1°C to -30°C ) and chill rooms, designed to be both strong and energy efficient. It also features a unique insulated curtain technology that uses an internal heating system to prevent frost and ice build-up. The FBS High Speed Cold Room Door operates far better when de-humidification is present in the cold room.

The doors are quick and easy to install and feature a unique self-repairing feature – a rapid rise self-repairing curtain that enables the door to automatically reset itself in the event of accidental damage – by simply being fully opened. The anti-crash system also means that if the curtain is caught by a fork lift, or by any other means, it will open, reset itself then close again – saving money on expensive repair bills.

Technical Specifications

EN 13241-1 Safety Standard EC
Opening: 1 m/s  | closing: 0.5 m/s
Supple Folding System for Cold Room
Self-Supporting mill galvanised Steel Frame with polyester powder coated finish- no welding
Heating System with airtight, watertight, dustproof silicone cables in a Heat Spreading Tube
Peripheral Isolating Foam between structure and wall
Double Fabric including Thermo-Reflective aluminium films (which hold air bubbles) and Isolating Cushion
Curtain with Composite Strengthening Tubes and seamless Safety Straps
Special Low Temperature Oil
Stainless Steel Brake
Maximum clear opening – Height 4500 x Width 4500mm

Optional Extra

Stainless steel Frame  – 304L /  316L

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