FBS Maviclean: High Speed Clean Room Doors

FBS Maviclean: High Speed Clean Room Doors

Key Benefits

 Health + safety
Energy saving
 Reduces exchange of airloss
Easy cleaning
 Controls environments
Easily maintained

FBS Maviclean high-speed clean room door is designed to maintain air pressure in a controlled environment. They are are renowned for their reliability and are therefore ideal for clean rooms locations – including the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

They are quick and easy to install and features a unique self-repairing feature – a rapid rise curtain that enables the door to automatically reset itself in the event of accidental damage – simply by being fully opened. The anti-crash system also means that if the curtain is caught by a fork lift or by any other means, it will reset itself again before closing – saving money on expensive repair bills.

Technical Specifications

EN 13241-1 Safety Standard EC
ISO7 Classification.
CSTB REPORT N°BV04-126 – measured air tightness, pressure resistance test.
Opening: 1 m/s   Closing: 0.5 m/s
Self-Supporting mill galvanised Steel Frame with polyester powder coated finish
Patented Flexible Track Structure
Unique Flexible Track – with Break-a-Way curtain and automatic re-insertion system
Soft Bottom Edge technology – prevents conflict with rigid bottom edge electronics
Hood/Top Roll and Motor Cover
Jamb Inserted Control Panel
Maximum clearance  – Height 4000mm x Width 4000mm

Optional Extras

Double Skin Curtain with Insulated Foam – for chilled rooms
Battery Back-Up – for automatic opening (power supply 230v single phase)

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