FBS Tracked Sliding Gates

FBS Tracked Sliding Gate

Key Benefits

 Meet latest requirements
Bespoke design
 Increases security
Different control options
 Made to measure
Competitive price

FBS Tracked Sliding Gates are the traditional style of sliding gate and are suitable where the demand for larger openings or greater heights is present. They can be produced to nearly any width and height needed and telescopic versions are available for larger widths.

The gates are available in various designs from small scale commercial works to high security applications, incorporating decorative panels and anti-ram measures if necessary. The tracked gates are a popular choice for a lot of businesses due to its security and durability.

Technical Spec

The gate is fabricated with a strong beam at the bottom of the gate into which are set two bearing wheels.

These are mounted onto the rail which allows very heavy gate to roll backwards and forwards smoothly. This provides the opportunity for the gate design to be stronger and heavier, allowing the gate spans to be up 40 metres, and heights in excess of 6 metres.

This, when linked to the strong support frame or portals, provides a very high and secure sliding gate system. The area of clearance for a tracked sliding gate is somewhat less than that required for a cantilevered sliding gate, as the area for mounting the motor and frame may not need to exceed 1 metre.

This would give a total run back area of the gate opening, plus the metre for the gate support and motor. It would be essential that the running track be flat and level. Any incline would not only cause the motor to work harder than it may have been designed for, but also the potential safety risks, should it be necessary to operate the gate manually.


Timber Clad

Activation Options

• Keyfob
• Remote
• Intercom
• Keypad
• Push Button
• Card Access Control

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