FBS Barriers – Manual or Automated

FBS Barrier

Key Benefits

Increased security
Simple to operate
Parking management
Site safety
Different control options
Includes latest safety equipment

FBS Barriers are reliable, sturdy and uncompromising. They are quick to install, simple to operate and extremely cost effective. Whether your application is residential or commercial, our barriers have the flexibility to suit your needs. The design incorporates the latest technology into a well proven design. The result is a superior product giving a long service life with peace of mind.

FBS Barriers can be controlled from a manned security point or by the vehicle occupant, using a wide range of access control systems including proximity cards, radios, tokens, keypads and intercom systems. These options combined with an induction loop or photocell facilities ensure that the barrier arm will open/close smoothly, safely and efficiently upon activation.

FBS barriers can be locked in the vertical or horizontal position allowing excellent security for any area.

Our manual barriers are constructed with high quality steel and a strong yet lightweight aluminium barrier beam counter-balanced by supporting weights.

Activation Options

• Keyfob
• Remote
• Intercom
• Keypad
• Push Button
• Card Access Control

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