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FBS Inflatable Dock Shelters

More About FBS Inflatable Dock Shelters

There are many different designs of inflatable dock shelters, here at Fen-Bay we have tried to make ours as simple as possible. The frame that projects from the building is manufactured from 40mm thick insulated steel panels or galvanised steel frame clad with HP 200 plastisol sheeting. The shelters can be coated in many standard colours to suit the individual requirements of the end user.

The inflatable head and side bags are stored when de-flated behind high visibility side and head curtains to ensure there is no damage when the vehicle is docked.

Once the vehicle is in the parked position on the loading bay the loading dock door is then opened, this is when the Cordura Type Material head and side bags will inflate around the end of the vehicle to create the ultimate seal.

Inflatable dock shelters can be mounted at the dock level height or can be installed down to ground.

Because of the unique way in which an inflatable works it is possible to manufacture it in such a way that it is suitable for trailers that vary in height from 3600mm to 5100mm and is by far the best way to convert a standard loading dock to suit double deck trailers.

The FBS Inflatable Dock Shelter gives the optimum seal by blocking out weather, insects, dust, and other pollutants, and can save money on energy costs by keeping the working area at the optimum temperature.


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