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FBS Pit Construction Systems

More About Pit Construction Systems

The FBS construction system concept is easy to explain: these systems are designed to satisfy anyone’s needs. For those who want to start with a pit and a sub-frame: Embedded Pit type. For those who prefer to install the leveller in a pit A solid base for unlimited possibilities. without a sub-frame: Self-hanging type. For those who do not want a pit: Box Model without letter box. And for those who do not want a pit, but need an opening for the truck letter box:

Self-hanging Pit type

The Self-hanging Pit type levellers require no frame for securing them to the pit, as the machine already has one. Its main advantage is that the frame and leveller can be installed at the same time, as the frame is integrated to the leveller. Another advantage is that no bottom support is needed as all the pressure is transmitted to the superior edge of the pre-frame of the leveller, leaving a free space underneath the leveller to allow trucks with their own rear loading bridge to fit inside this space.

Embedded Pit type

The Embedded Pit type levellers require a sub-frame for them to be secured to the pit. The sub-frame is installed when the pit precast is created. It has the great advantage of only being joined to the pit by welding, which makes it extremely easy to replace, move and/or change it by another machine.

Box Model without letter box

The Box Model without letter box uses the leveller as a precast element. This system saves costs and time in installing the leveller, as no pit is required. The work involved in preparing the pit beforehand is not necessary, thus making civil work easier and less complicated, and maintaining the same functions and operability as the other systems, such as the Embedded or Self-hanging type.

Box Model with Precast structure for letter box

Often it is necessary to consider that trucks have their own loading bridge. For this reason Inkema has also designed the Box Model with a space for the own back bridge of a truck during the loading and unloading of the goods, using a hollow precast element structure. The Precast structure is installed before the floor in the industrial building is completed. A space is left underneath the structure of the Box Model leveller. This allows you to obtain the benefits of the Self-hanging model and the functionality of the Embedded model, as well as simplifying civil engineering work.

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